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Connects for the agency

Dear colleagues, 

I upgraded to the Plus membership plan, so now I have 70 connects as a freelancer. 

However, my agency has no connects at all - please advise what I should do to get connects for my agency.

Does it mean that my agency is still using the Basic membership plan and I have to buy the Plus membership plan for it too? Do I really have to buy two Plus membership plans each month?

Thank you.



Hi Max,


You will need to purchase connects using your agency account if you want to add connects for your agency. I checked your account, and I can confirm that you have available connects on your freelancer account, but you haven't purchased any connects for your agency. Please note that your freelancer and agency accounts are separate. These two accounts won't be sharing or using the same connects to submit proposals. Let us know if you have further questions. Thank you!

~ Joanne
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