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Don't have access to the agency profile. 2 admins were suspended

Recently in our Agency account 2 admin accounts were suspended without explaining the reason, and we lost access to the agency's page. https://www.upwork.com/o/companies/~0124b0cc82fa479eae/


My coworkers provide all the documents for the identity check and they are real people with real profiles. Therefore, there are no profiles left with the admin access to the Agency account which means all the efforts and investments put in those pages are just dismissed. 


We assume that those security verification might occur due to different devices' login. The thing is, in the last few months in Ukraine we have been having a terrible situation with the power supply because of war. Therefore, our specialists used different devices and in different places, where the power was. 


Please, tell us how to prove the legitimacy of our profiles, or, at least, allow us to add an additional account as admin to the Agency profile.

From the beginning of war Upwork proclaimed strong support for Ukrainian talents, however, now we are struggling to maintain all stated (and perhaps even hidden) restrictions to have an opportunity to continue our international and domestic business. 




Hi Viktoria,


Thank you for reaching out. I checked your profile but cannot see that you are connected to any agencies. If your admins have an existing ticket, the best course of action is to communicate with the support team through that ticket. We won't be able to assist you here further and we suggest you include this message in your ticket should you need to update the team.

~ AJ

Hi. Thank you for your response. Our team has no open tickets because Upwork closed them without further appeal and all available administrators were suspended despite provided all the documents.


I'm not connected to the agency account as no one can add me because the admins are banned, that's the problem. If you can, please review the suspended admins, maybe their accounts can be reinstated. I will be very grateful if you can help to solve this problem. Admins have all the supporting documents and if possible, can Upwork unblock at least one of the accounts?


What is the best solution to retrieve to Agency access?

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