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Doubts about Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Agency Members

My husband and I do all work together and want to create an agency account for our profiles to share client ratings and revenue earned. We are considering two options:

  • Option A: one sets up his account as an "exclusive agency member" and the other as a "non-exclusive agency member with no default team".
  • Option B: we both set up our accounts as "exclusive agency members".

The reason we prefer option A is that if a client is interested in hiring only agencies or only freelancers, either of us would pass their search filters.


However, we have some doubts. According to this article the JSS of the "non-exclusive agency member... is listed on your profile and is calculated based on contracts you completed both independently and as part of the agency." I would like to know if, since we are both going to answer each proposal as agency and not as freelancers, the JSS will turn out to be the same for the agency as for the non-exclusive member, or is there some algorithmic dark magic behind the calculation that will make it different.


Our second question is about the money earned section: Will the income earned by the agency be counted in the non-exclusive agency member's profile?


Third question... The same but about the reviews. Will all the ratings of work done by the agency be shown in the profiles of all its members? Only those who are exclusive members? Only the freelancer who sent the proposal?


Thank you very much!


Hi Norma,


To answer your questions, the feedback for all contracts completed under the agency, regardless if it was done by an exclusive or non-exclusive member, will count towards the agency JSS. If a non-exclusive member completes a contract individually, the feedback will count towards their freelancer profile JSS.


The same also applies to earnings. If a contract is completed by any member, under the agency, the contract is paid to the agency directly. Therefore, the total amount earned by the agency on the profile reflects that. However, if the non-exclusive member completes a contract independently, then it'll show on their profile instead and that amount does not reflect on the agency profile.  


I hope I didn't miss anything but don't hesitate to let us know if you have additional questions.

~ Luiggi

Thank you for answering Luigi, but none of my 3 questions were actually answered. I have no doubts about what happens with individual contracts (in fact I mentioned that we do not intend to do anymore from now on), nor with what happens with agency metrics.
My doubt lies in what happens with the metrics of the non-exclusive member with the works done by the agency.
I think if you read my post carefully you will understand me, but if not, please tell me and I will try to explain myself better. Thanks a lot.

Hi Norma,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that our last response did not answer your questions.


I would like to clarify further that if a non-exclusive agency member accept contracts as agency members only, then their JSS would be the same as the agency. In case a non-exclusive agency member also works as an independent freelancer and gets a JSS on their independent profile then their JSS would be calculated for both agency contracts as well as their independent contracts and it will not match the agency JSS.


Also, the money earned and ratings received on the agency contracts will also appear on the non-exclusive member's profiles along with the agency profile. 


Feel free to message us if you need further assistance.


Thank you.


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Hi There. See answers below:
1.  When you have an agency account and you want to apply for jobs from the agency account, you ALWAYS choose/assign a member of the agency to send the proposal on behalf of. It's a must! Then the client makes contracts with that specific member in your agency. And this clarifies your question now: JSS for the non-exclusive member will be different from the agency JSS, BECAUSE the non-exclusive member JSS is only calculated for the jobs he/she is assigned for in the Agency contracts + the jobs he/she completed individually. While Agency JSS takes only the jobs/contracts done through the agency by members

2. The income earned by the agency will not be counted  in the non-exclusive agency member's profile, bcs the  non-exclusive agency member's earnings will show only the jobs he/she has done himself/herself. The earnings of the agency shows the earnings collected by all members of the agency. BUT the earnings you (non-exclusive member) made through the agency will show up on your non-exclusive member profile

3. Same as above. You did the work with the agency, it will show up on your profile and on the agency profile, reviews, feedback, ratings, earnings work the same

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