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Etiquette for Leaving an Agency

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Valerie R Member Since: Apr 21, 2016
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Hi there,

I’m curious about the etiquette for leaving agencies. I joined one about two weeks ago, have yet to do any work, and the people running the agency are incredibly slow at responding to questions when potential work comes up. I’m feeling a bit frustrated with it, and while it’s only been a short amount of time with them, I feel like it’s sensible to expect replies within a decent amount of time if you’re trying to give me work.

If I want to leave, should I send a message and wait? Or just send a message offering my apologies and leave? I’ve already been waiting for about 4 days for a previous question to be answered.

I’m sure it will affect my rating, but I just don’t like that I have to wait so long for such simple answers about a job.

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Robin H Member Since: May 28, 2019
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Be as respectful as possible. Tell them your availability has changed and you will not be able to continue working with them. Sorry for the inconvenience and I wish you lots of luck.

There are all types of clients. Some respond immediately, others do not. You have the flexibility as a freelancer to choose who you want to work with. I choose the nice ones who appreciate my work. I am not concerned if they are slow to respond as long as they are respectful of my work.

It could be much much worse. Good luck!

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Valerie R Member Since: Apr 21, 2016
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Thank you!