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Fees in an agency

I am in the proicess of setting up an agency and have two questions that I hope to get some assistance with:
1.   I have clients with whom I had a long relationship, some of them I am on a 5% fee.   If I move these clients over to the agency, do I start off on 20% again, or can I move them over with the 5% fee?

2.  Is the agency fee structure the same on Agenccies, 20%, 10% and then 5%?


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Retired Team Member

Hi Hendrik,


1. Freelancer and agency profiles are not the same. If you move your clients under your agency, you will start from 20%. The fee you currently have under your freelancer profile will not be transferred. 

2. Yes that is correct, the fee structure is the same for both freelancers and agencies. To learn more about this, click here. Thank you.

~ Goran
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