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Filtering freelancers (Invite freelancers tab) - suggestions to improve the search

Looking for a freelancer can prove difficult when we have specific requirements for a project, considering the filters that are available for the search.


The first limitation concerns languages: we can only choose the English level, and even there the results sometimes show freelancers who display a different level than the one chosen in the filter.

For some projects it is essential to find a freelancer with a specific native language: a possible improvement of the filters system would be to choose one or various languages (including English) and choose the level for each of them.


The second limitation concerns the hourly rate: when we have a limited budget for example, we might need to check the profiles of the freelancers whose rate is below a certain limit. Filtering rates by scales ($0-$10, $10 to $30) isn't very precise, and it forces the employer/agency to go through each option to look for freelancers. A possible improvement would be to simply choose a mimimum and a maximum hourly rate.


Hope these can be considered and used in the future to improve this freelancers search!

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One last suggestion I wanted to make is the possibility to add key words in the search, which can help finding profiles that include those words in their description.

Hi Emma,


Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, we'll be sure to pass it on to the team. In the meantime, I think you may find this article helpful: Advanced Search Techniques for Finding Talent.


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