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From eBay Success as a Virtual Assistant to Upwork Challenges: Help Needed

I've been doing great on eBay for 2 years, managing accounts and making sales within the first month. But on Upwork, things aren't going as well. I've been trying for 5 months without landing a job. Can you give me tips on how to get noticed and get hired as a Virtual Assistant on Upwork?

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Stay active on upwork, See jobs posting and apply to jobs which are posted 1 hour ago or less than an hour. There is chance that your proposal will be viewed. The jobs on which you think you are best bid on that for more connects(only if you are sure you understand everything correctly). Write good proposal with portfolio and previous same experience which are mentioned in job posting. And last do not write gpt based proposal, get idea and write in your words.

I hope you will get order soon!

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its all about demand and supply. so many freelancer are offering their services in your field. plus it would be good if you public your profile so client could read a thing or two about you.

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The community site and main Upwork site are two different worlds, literally. Keeping your profile locked from public view here doesn't affect your work profile in any way. 


Mine has been locked to public from the time I joined the community and that was almost 2 years before I started applying to jobs.

This keeps my profile invisible on search engines, not clients who have logged in on Upwork.

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