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Having Issues submitting a Proposal -

Hi, this is Raja.
I am new in Upwork. I have set up two profiles one as a Freelancer and one as an Agency,  my membership plan is "Basic" currently for both profiles. My Connect balance is showing 117 connects, which I have in my account unused.
I'm finding work in which I'm interested to deliver my services and when click to submit a proposal then it took me to a membership plan $20/ month. 
Can somebody explain, how I can submit a proposal on the basic plan, what are the limitations of a basic plan and how i can use my 117 connects to use in submitting proposal while on the basic pacakge.
Thanks. Raja


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We truly appreciate you reaching out to us.


I have checked your account and it looks like your remaining Connects are in your freelancer profile. You can confirm this by checking your Connects History on your freelancer profile. I can see that you have zero Connects on your agency profile. Please note that If you are on an Agency Basic plan and you’re ready to submit proposals for new projects and you no longer have a Connects balance, you’ll need to upgrade to our $20-a-month Agency Plus plan in order to purchase Connects. Feel free to check this help article for more details.


There's already a support ticket created with your concern. Please don't hesitate to communicate with our team through that ticket if you need further assistance. Thank you!




~ Arjay
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