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Hide Earning details Or Hide Agency Profile - From google listing too



We would like to know how we can hide Earning details being showed in the work history / review of agency ?




How we can hide agency profile from listed on google ?


Thank You,

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I believe the only way to do this is to upgrade your membership to an Upwork Plus account. I upgraded briefly and it gave me the option to hide how much I've earned.

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Any answer for this question?

Hi Sabreen,


Hans has provided the answer to this one. With Plus plan membership, you can opt to hide your contracts' rates and total billings on your profile's work history.


You can also set your profile visibility to "Private" in order to exclude your profile from the Upwork marketplace and search engines. This means clients won’t see you when they search for freelancers. People who aren’t logged into Upwork won’t be able to access your profile via a direct link. People who are logged into Upwork and have access to your direct profile link will only be able to see your first name, last initial, title, photo, rate, city, and country.


Please note that it may take up to 1 week for your profile to stop/start appearing in search engine results if you have changed your profile visibility settings. If you have changed your profile visibility from Public to Only Upwork Users or Private and are still appearing in Google search results, you can put in a manual request by using the Google Search Console.

~ AJ
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