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How does Upwork know if an exclusive member is qualified to inherit Top Rated Plus?

Hello I want to know how Upwork knows if an exclusive member qualifies to inherit a Top Rated Plus Badge. 


I read he also has to meet the conditions but I am confused because if he is exclusive he technically is not attributed an hourly rate, and also any reviews he might receive go to the agency. 


Does this mean that if he has a long contract on behalf of the agency and the agency's earnings through him qualify for TRPlus he also gets the badge?


Does this also mean that everyone else receives the badge in the agency or do they each have to qualify the agency individually?




Hi Edgardo,


Thank you for your question. If you are an agency-exclusive freelancer (meaning you don’t have a personal Upwork account) you must earn the larger amount required for agency contracts and meet the criteria listed here.


- Pradeep

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