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How multiple contract works on agency profile

I have Translation agency and a client wanted to assign a task for multiple languages.  But he didn't want to go to all the trouble of contacting each freelancer from my agency and he wanted to assign the task to my agency.  Is that possible to assign a task to the agency,  not for a single freelancer? How does it work.  How does my client avoids interviewing each my agency members? 

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Community Manager

Hi Seyum, 

Currently, a feature where you can assign tasks to agency freelancers is unavailable. Your client will need to hire each freelancer on an hourly contract so that your team can log time on the contract. Alternatively, you can negotiate a fixed-price contract for the entire project, and the client can hire only one member of the team. From there, you can proceed with distributing the tasks to your agency freelancers. 

While this feature is not available, I have noted your post as feedback, and I will share it with the team for their consideration. 

~ Avery
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