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How to accept offer using the Agency profile?

Hello! I have a VA agency and a client who is ready to work with us. I already have a VA (non-exclusive) that will be assigned to this client. Could you please advise how the client should send us the contract? Thank you!


Hi Lloyd,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it looks like one of our agents already followed up with you on your ticket and shared further steps. You can access your ticket on this page.

If you need further assistance feel free to follow up with our team and they will be happy to assist you further. 


Additionally, you can check this page to find more information about agencies. 

~ Nikola

Hi Nikola, could you please advise how should the client send a contract to the agency and who should accept it? I want to make sure that the payment will be received in the agency profile.

Hi Lloyd,


To help keep agency workflows centralized and running smoothly, business managers can submit a proposal on behalf of any agency member. They can also edit or withdraw all agency proposals, as well as accept or decline all offers. Agency members can also submit proposals themselves, which will be binding on the agency. All proposals will draw from the agency's collective Connects balance.


In order to do hourly contracts, you need to have a profile for each freelancer you assign to the project. For fixed-price contracts, you can submit your proposal with the Business Manager’s profile and then assign freelancers to work on the project as needed. Some clients prefer for you to let them know your agency members will be doing the work and to give them some information on the freelancer(s) that will be doing the work.


Agencies generally have a number of team member accounts, so more than one person can take actions on behalf of the agency. Agency members with Business Manager permissions are able to respond to project invites or contracts. 


You can find more information in this help article. Additionally, you can check this page to learn how clients hire agencies. 

~ Nikola
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