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How to remove my Fist client Bad Review ??

Hello Everyone,
I was appointed by a Agency newly and had been starting to bid the proposals. Then, I got an offer on 24 November 2021 for the purpose of Bookkeeping on WAVE through my profile. It was Agency First job and also Mine.
After got the offer I started to work. I did the work only 1 hour. But When I saw some transactions on her bank statement I need to know about the transactions details information. If I did not know the transactions details I could not entry transactions properly. So that I simply asked him to know about the detail information of these transactions. Actually It was a Bank loan and It was related to know about the Loan terms and interest to entry the transactions properly on WAVE. But He texted me that It is not related ( attached SS ) and you don't have to do that. Then I decided to do other work and tried to skip these that time because he was getting angry. But suddenly he said he will let me know if he continue the project.
Then He stopped the contract with a bad review ( 3.40 ). I requested him to give me a chance to clear the misunderstanding but it did not works. Now this review will be discourage our future client and also my upcoming future on Upwork.
Now What can I do ????
Is it worthy to remove the feedback. If so How to remove the feedback from my profile ???

Contract ID : 28798688
Agency Name :
Encyclopedic Accounting Solutions

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Abdullah All M wrote:

Is it worthy to remove the feedback. If so How to remove the feedback from my profile ???

The only way you can "remove" the feedback is by issuing a full refund. However, the contract will still count towards your metrics and your future Job Success Score.

You are not part of any agency according to your profile

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How I can refund ?
will it do from the agency ?
I can not find any option to make full refund. 
Actually, I left the agency for my work pressure and some reasons. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdullah, 

All contract earnings go to the agency's account. As such, the agency owner will need to issue the refund on their end. I recommend that you discuss this further with the agency owner since this contract was under the agency. Hopefully, you and your agency owner and client end the relationship on a good note.

~ Avery
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My Agency owner sent a refund but the client feedback still shows on my profile ......
I want to know when it will be updated
 Is it left anything which I have to do.... ?? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdullah,


Once the refund is processed the feedback will be removed from your profile.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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I did refund the client but my review still available

Hi Mosharrof,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please allow 24-48 hours after you sent a refund for the feedback to be removed. If the issue persists after 48 hours, please let us know so we can assist you.

~ AJ

He IS letting you know. It's been 8 months, the review is still on his profile. 

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