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In my agency, How can several freelancers work on the same contract ?



I am discussing a potential project with a client.

This project would requieres severals freelancers to work on it.

is it possible to have more than 1 team member on a contract.

Do I have to open a client account and sub-contract my team members as freelancers ?


Thank you,



I'd like to note a few points that may help clarify things around agencies:

- Being a part of an agency allows the freelancer to be hired by the client under that agency. Agency owner's role is helping with job search, interviewing, contract management, processing payments, etc. Generally, agencies don't hire their members on Upwork but have established relationships outside of the platform and then add them as team members on Upwork. 

- When hiring agency members, the client will need to hire each person for an individual contract. It's not possible to hire more than one person for a contract.

- Subcontracting is allowed on Upwork, provided it's done only on fixed-price contracts and the client is aware that the work is being subcontracted. For more information, please see section 2.1 of the User Agreement.

Overall, I'd recommend you review the section of the User Agreement I linked above as it discusses the relationships with agency members and subcontractors, as well as help articles here for more information about building and working with agencies.
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Hello Lucie.


I suggest that I go through your profile so I can help you out with that.


Please feel free to contact me my mail id is**Edited for community guidelines** we will discuss it in detail.





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