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Is it possible for freelance to fake time?

My freelancer is taking forever to do the simplest tasks. I know she's capable and has high-level skills because she's demonstrated that in the beginning, but now that we're past the complex part of the site build I'm getting billed for 3 hours of work with hardly anything to show for it, then another 2 hours the next day and nothing to show for it. 8 hours I paid her in 3 days and I honestly don't see any results other than maybe a previously coded section was dropped on a template. I'm a developer myself but inexperienced in Shopify, so maybe Shopify takes 5 times as long to move an element on a template page, but I don't think so. 

It's taking so long that now I'm wondering if there is a way they can cheat the system. I checked the pictures and they look legitimate becauase  they are screens of my work.  I'm wondering if she has a 2nd computer that she uses to just run the clock and refresh the screen every so often. Anyone ever hear of that? 


Hi Kathy,


Freelancers who have an hourly contract are using the time tracker app to log their hours, which you can view from their work diary. You can set the hours for each week to complete the task you require. Regarding the amount of time the freelancer takes to complete each task, please discuss this with the freelancer so that you can agree on the duration/amount of time for each task. Also, you might want to check out this help article about fixed-price contracts if you're assigning the freelancer tasks each day/week as this might be a better option for you than an hourly contract. Thank you. 

~ Joanne
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