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Is it possible to change my account from an exclusive agency member to an independent freelancer?

I'm new to Upwork and registered through a link a colleague sent me. This link added me as part of an agency, meaning I can't change my hourly rate from $0/hr. Can I get my account changed, or do I need to ask my colleague to change the setting, or do I need to delete my account and start again?


Hi Sean,


You can ask your colleague to edit your hourly rate for you since this is a setting only agency owners, business managers, and admins can edit for their exclusive agency members. If you wish to work independently but still be part of the agency, you can ask your colleague to switch your membership to non-exclusive. You can learn more here.


You can also leave an agency at any time by going to Settings > My Teams. You can see this article for more information.

~ Luiggi
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Thanks Luiggi.

If I ask him to set my hourly rate, does my pay for jobs go to the agency account? 

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