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Is there any profile boost for the agency?

When I switch to my profile, I'm seeing some features like availability badge or to boost profile but when I switch to agency account, I don't see that. And I think this is a problem for its efficiency. Any solution?

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I have the same question. We want to use profile boosts for our agency, but it's really inconvenient since we cannot buy connects from the agency (like we do for proposals), we have to buy them for each profile individually. Can you make it easier for agencies?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Furkan and Kateryna,


I'd like to confirm that Boosted Profiles and the Availability Badge are available to Agencies in the sense that each Agency member has access to both features for their profile. This includes Exclusive Agency members. As you note, Kateryna, each member will need to use their own pool of Connects (instead of the Agency's pool) to enable each feature. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the inconvenience that this entails for you and have forwarded this to the team for their review.


Thank you!

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It's good that you forwarded because it doesn't make sense when we try to rise as a company but boosting feature is only available for individuals. We'd like to directly boost our agency, then we'd choose whose profile we're gonna assign.

Besides of this topic, please solve this issue below and forward this to the team as well because after we spent the rest of the connects we have, we'll leave Upwork and create our own website and we'll go on through instagram, youtube ads to get jobs. So we're seriously thinking leaving here and doing everything manually just because we couldn't succeed to be heard by you! The mods are answering  all the other topics quickly, as this one but as for the one below and for the similar issues, nobody hears anything and nobody responds.

Here's the link: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Agencies/We-ve-spent-100-on-connects-but-the-proposals-don-t-seem-by...

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Hi Andrea. Is it normal that it doesn't allow me to buy more connects to boost my profile? 
I'm an exclusive agency member.

Here's the error message: Once your profile has been approved you can buy Connects on this page.

Why is my approval not approved? I'm a top rated Freelancer & Agency. 
And I spend thousands on your platform. 

I look forward to getting some help thanks. 

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