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It's funny when someone says SEO is dead or whatever else.

The best thing you can do is check your client's data and see some of the SEO results the team is bringing in.

For example, I'm at the office, and it is 6 PM on a Friday in Sydney and I am looking at some data for a client in a super competitive niche who has increased organic clicks from 1.37 million (previous 6 months) to over 3.33 million clicks (last 6 months).

Revenue has increased significantly for this client with the increase in traffic to the domain.

The client has been investing in SEO for a while, and while they work with our team, they also have an in-house team helping scale the project.

Some of the areas that have led to success for the client:

- Content audit of current content on the domain, with a large number of articles needing updates/
- Hyper-focused keyword research plan across different categories to identity gaps and high value/ high conversion opportunities.
- Followed a large number of content briefs.
- Rolled out a large-scale link acquisition campaign to grow sitewide/targeted page rankings.
- Strategic internal linking plan.
- Fixed a large number of technical SEO issues across the domain, fixed issues with indexed pages, on-page issues, and all sorts of things.
- Provided ongoing SEO consulting and advice.
- Custom reporting solution for senior management to fully see the value of SEO and continue the drive within the business.

SEO is a team effort and a long-term plan.

These results did not happen in 6 months; getting to this level has taken 3 years of work.

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