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Moving Connects from Freelancer to Client?

Can I move my Connects from my freelancer account to my client account? I have two, and want to consolidate everything under the client account since I've used it for a long time.


Hi Niklas,


Please know that Connects are not transferable. Also, your client account doesn't need Connects. Connects are what you use as a freelancer to submit proposals to clients. To learn more about this, please read this help article

~ Joanne

Yes, I know they are not needed for client accounts. But I have a need to be both a client and a freelancer. Therefore I created new (freelancer) account under my client account, and are planning to shut down the other freelance account I have (where the Connects are). 

Hi Niklas,


Please keep in mind that opening more than one account is a serious violation of our TOS. I would suggest closing your new freelancer profile as soon as possible. 
Once this is done you can open a client profile under your original freelancer profile and keep everything under one account. Thank you.

~ Goran

I know, it was opened some 2-3 years ago and never used. But how can I get my Connects to the new profile? When I opened the new profile, I didn't receive any Connects.

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