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My Agent Not responding anymore

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La Rizza Del N. V Member Since: Oct 6, 2020
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Hello. It's my first time to ask. I recently started as a VA just last July 27 2020..


My Upwork account is under an agency. **Edited for Community Guidelines**.


I know my username and password in Upwork. I can still access it. But my biggest mistake as a newbie, I did not clarify things in the beginning. I was just so excited to work. I did not have an Upwork account before, my agent made an account for me using one of his email addresses.


I'm not the type of person to pry. I have integrity. Not once have I tried to open the gmail account he provided, and even if I wanted to like now, I won't be able to because of the gmail verification code that needs to be received on the mobile number associated with that email address.


He said if ever in the future I want to leave the team, I will just have to make another account. BUT IT'S NOT POSSIBLE! (or so I've read). I've been doing some reading on threads in here and I've read that once approved, I cannot delete my account and to make another one since a deleted account still counts as an account..


I've also read that I can change the email associated with my Upwork BUT I have to verify the existing email associated with my Upwork account.😪😥😥. Again I might have to get verification or something on the email address he provided me.. I cannot open that gmail account.. 


I'm afraid if I just leave the team since he is just ghosting me, (no response to my text messages, calls, just seen zone on messenger), he might suddenly change password of the email associated with my Upwork account.


You think it is possible I change my Upwork password? BUT AGAIN another dilemma, even if I do that, Upwork might send some verification details on the email associated currently to my account. 😥😥😥


Im sad. We were friends (or so I thought) He coached me in cold calling. He was so surprised at my progress .In two months I got 94% rating. I was properly paid too. We talked last Sept 27.  I clearly stated I needed a job asap so while waiting for him I am looking for job openings outside Upwork.. (facebook groups,linkedin..)


I recently texted, tried to call him, because I wanted to say I will just leave the team and look for clients myself but just looked like a response.. nothing.


I hope someone can help me here to resolve my dilemma.. In this pandemic, everybody needs to survive.. My rating already dropped to 93% because I am inactive.. 


I hope someone can help me resolve my dilemma.. Apologies for the long message.. 


Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi La Rizza,


I'm sorry to hear about what happened. I sent you a private message with more information on this.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar