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Need help. My client and I are new to Upwork, he is not able to complete funding the first milestone

Hello! I need support, my client has been trying to fund the first milestone so as to complete hiring me but in vain. He has tried over 3 visa cards, reached out to the bank about the issues, the cards work very fine on other online transactions. Now we are both stuck. 

I apreaciate any help to know how I can tell my client to proceed. 

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Hi Alliance! I hope you are fine, don't worry at all. This is absolutely common on Upwork, don't take it personal. In my opinion, you should let it go and close the contract; move on.


For next time, always choose to work with clients who have the Payment Verified Check. Whenever you look into projects, filter that option.


For now on, unfortunately, you are working for free. Offer him to close the contract until the payment works and use all the deliverables as a positive case study.


Never give your personal financial information outside the platform.


Have a nice experience on Upwork!




Hi Maria! The client is in touch with me, we have hard few projects outside Upwork, just that we wanted to use Upwork for better contract management. But all his visa cards are being declined, upon payment we verified with the bank and everything checked out well. We are not sure why Upwork keeps rejecting the payment cards 

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