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Payment to agency member from different country

Hi There, 


I understood is incase of agency - Client pays to agency's upwork account.


So question is, incase of members of agency's are from different country, how can i transfer money to them. 

Example : Agency Owner is from India (INR currency) and agency member is from UK ( Punds currency) so how agency owner can transfer money from Upwork ( $ currency). 


Option 1: Upwork has provision to transfer money from agency's account (which is $) to members upwork account ($ only) 


Option 2 : I can register agency members personal bank account (may be differnet than $)  so when agency owner wants to make payment he can pay to members personal account ( which might be different than $). 


Option 3: When agency'e payment recieves to its personal account ( non $), he can transfer to members personal account (non $ and not same as owners personal account currency) 


As here main issue is : While transfering to different currencies, currency conversion charges might vary and can have a conflict in amounts due to and members expectations.



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How you pay your agency freelancers is 100% between you and the freelancers. It can not be done via Upwork and has nothing at all to do with Upwork.


It's what you arrange with the freelancers. You are entirely on your own as far as that is concerned.


PS... you don't actually have an agency, do you?

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Community Manager

Hi Sarang,


All payment for agency contracts are received in the Agency's account balance, and the agency owner can control and divide the earnings as per their agreement with their team members. 


Please check this help article about Agency Finances.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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