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Problem with connects, can't apply for a job

Hello! I have a problem with Connects, therefore I can't apply for a job as a freelancer. It is shown that I have 50 connects on my account, but when I apply for a job (costs 16 connects) it is said that I don't have enough connects for it (but I have 50). 

I attached screenshots below 


Please help me!


Hi Didar,


Thank you for reaching out to us. It looks like you've set yourself as an exclusive agency member for your agency hence you will not be able to submit proposals as an individual freelancer. Every proposal that you're going to send will be as an agency member. So even if you have 50 Connects on your freelancer profile, the Connects needed would have to come from your agency profile. 


You can either change your agency member role here or add Connects to your agency profile to continue sending proposals.

~ AJ
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