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Problems moving agency to LLC

Hello there!


Our agency is a LLC registered in the UK, called "novel consulting LTD"

Previously when I've created the agency account, it automatically used my personal name, Roland Tannous as agency name.


I am trying to fix this situation by:

1- Changing the account name for the agency, under Settings -> Contact info , when i am logged in as "Novel consulting Ltd".

But it shows "First Name" and "Last Name".. What should i place as First Name & Last Name for a company called "Novel consulting ltd"?

2- Adding a widthrawal method that is a company bank account. When i am trying to do this by creating a Direct to local bank (GBP), There is a field for Company name (optional) ..... but then there are fields for First Name, Last Name and Name on account.....
What should I enter for First Name and Last Name and Name on account if the GBP account is for Novel consulting ltd?

I am stuck at this. I would Appreciate all the help .


Hi Roland,


In the section you're referring to you do need to share your name instead of the Company name since you're the Agency Owner and so representative of the Company. You can add the Company name as the Agency name. For adding a payment method, the same applies. You must be listed as an account holder or authorized signer. You can check out this help article to learn more about what's needed to add a Company bank account.



Hello Andrea G, so by that do you mean that:

1- for agency's account name: i should keep First Name as Roland, and last name as Tannous since i am the agency owner?
2-and Also use Roland Tannous as FirstName/LastName and "Name on Account" while adding the company's bank account? 

That's right, Roland! 


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