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Profile pictures are mixed up

Has anyone had their account and company details get mixed up? I uploaded an image for me personally and then one for the company. Somehow it changed my account so I now have two instances of "client". I have no idea how to resolve this. Anyone have any ideas?

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Hi Dave,


I checked your account and it looks like you have signed up for a client account. Are you looking to have a client and a freelancer account?

~ Joanne
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Hi Joanne! Thanks for helping me with this. I signed up as an agency because I needed to look at talent. One of my colleagues then told me we already had an account. He invited me to it and I accepted. I added my photo to the account and the logo to the company details. After that, only the company logo showed up.


I see two things in my profile labeled "Client" and I can't really tell which one is which.

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