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Questions about migrating information and specific permissions for agency members

The agency I work for, Leadervest, doesn't have any reviews or anything on it. Instead, all of our reviews are on the founders account. Is there a way to migrate the information from his personal account over to the agency's? I've tried bidding on jobs using his account so the potential clients would see all the history, but when I do that I can't see their replies. Is there a way to give me access to the replies without giving me access to the company's financial information? That's the only thing he wants to restrict access to after some bad experiences in the past.


Hi James,


We offer various roles and permissions that an agency owner can assign to their members to help them organize and manage the freelancers in an agency. Agency owners and admins can edit agency members' roles and permissions by going to SettingsMembers & Permissions.


You and the agency owner may visit this help article for more information and detailed instructions. Let us know if you need further assistance.


~ Arjay
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