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Regarding Invitation sent previously



We are an agency. We would like to know that how we can see the past invitation sent to join the team.


Currently, it shows 5 members in our Team but none of them are able to log in to the upwork account.


Is it sending an email for the invitation to the owner of the agency when it is sent or accepted?


Please help us with this topic.


Thanks & Regards,

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Anyone has idea how i can see the past invitation that we sent from agency account to the freelancer to join the team?


Thanks & Regards,

Hi Anup,


Thank you for your message. I see that you are subscribed to the Agency Basic plan which does not allow you to build your team and submit proposals on behalf of your team members. If you would like to continue working with your team, you would need to upgrade to the Agency Plus plan. You can learn more about Agency plus plan here. You can check the pending invitation sent to the freelancers here


Thank you


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