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Remove Freelancer From Agency! Active Contracts Under Freelancer Name, But I Don't Want Them Anymore

Hello Support Fam!

I added 2 freelancers under my agency last year and they were working fine. One of the user's profiles was flagged and she isnt allowed to use the platform anymore and the second one is currently suspended too.  Does this reflect bad on my agency? I don't want to have any association with these users, as I think they used my agency to uplift their freelancing business. 


The profile of one of the user which is suspended currently has active contracts on my agency, I don't want the clients to suffer, can I jump in and take the lead? I don't want the suspended user to be on my agency


Hi Alex David,


I can see that one of our agents has already assisted you in getting this resolved. If you need further assistance, please let us know. Thanks!


~ Joanne
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