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Resolving a dispute

Hello! I got a dispute notification to my agency account. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to it - the button "submit" just doesn't work. The second - I do not agree that's why I choose the option to leave a comment. The person who hired me just didn't want to discuss the communication problem that occurred with me and their partner.  I noticed in advance that they could not be satisfied with the time spent on the project. I noticed that they could save time if they give better instructions, use correct drafts and answer all my questions the first time without claiming that I should somehow understand the things that weren't mentioned anywhere.

But the first - button just doesn't work for me and I have only 2 days to respond from now. Thank you


Hi Stepan,


While we cannot disclose any information about an ongoing dispute case here in the community, we highly suggest you coordinate through the email that's been sent out by the team. That way they can assist you accordingly and more efficiently. You can also access the relevant ticket on this page.


~ Arjay
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