Setup a new Agency Profile

Hi Team,

I am thinking together with my friends who are already Upwork verified members to set up a new Agency profile on Upwork. Our plan is to run our business as an online virtual business with freelancers all over the world from Upwork, and I have the following questions:


1- Do I need to have a legal entity already set up in order to be able to set up the Agency profile?

2- Is there any identity verification process will be required for the Agency profile? or verification of the team members will be enough?

3- In order to withdraw payments? will it be possible to withdraw it to the account of the member marked as the Owner? or a dedicated bank account with the Agency name will be required?

Thanks in advance for your support.


Kind Regards,



1. No.

2. No. It is advised that your Agency members have profiles on at least 60-70 % I think so you can apply for Top Rated status.

3. Yes, as an owner you will directly withdraw money and pay your members outside Upwork.

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