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Starting/joining an agency!

Hey there! 

I'm a research, copy, and creative writer on Upwork with a good (95%) job success score but haven't worked in/for an agency. I would like to either form or join one. 

Is it worth giving a shot? I mean would it help me increase my earnings and get more work? 

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I have the same questions. I´m starting my agency too, well I will try at least for a month.

No client answered my topic about how is their experience hiring an agency yet, but, in my opinion, (not in client´s opinion), I think hiring agencies must be better than hiring a single freelancer. First because an agency is a team, and two persons thinks better than one. Second the team members suposely knows each other and are more friendly to each other, they just knows how to do teamwork I supose the job will be done faster.

I have a team working with me to do illustration and animations for games. I think, if I was a client and would like to hire someone to draw my game, I would prefer to hire an agency, because building a game is so complex that I doubt a single person can do all.

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