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Top Rated Plus - Badge



We have been working with Upwork since many years now (starting since it was Elance) and we have a very good profile. 

We were Top Rated Plus till date and all of a sudden the Top Rated plus Badge is gone for us.


As I see Upwork seem to have updated criteria for Top Rated Plus - Badge., but I am not sure if I am clear with that. We seem to meet all the criterias for the badge and if it is added back again will be great.


Speaking about the Upwork criteria there was thing about "Large Contracts" which is not clear for me and need some clarity on Upwork Top Rated Plus criteria. See below:


For large projects, how is the earning calculated. Is it earning in last 12 months and it keeps on updating month on month? What happens if there is no billing in last month in this large project and the total earning for last 12 months goes below the criteria.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


For example : For web development, criteria is 30k. In last 12 months, total earning is 31k considering oct 21. Now in nov 21 there is no billing also the billing of Nov 20 was 5k. So for nov21 the last 12 mo th billing is 30k+0-5k(nov20 not being in last 12 months) = 25k.

If the system is calculating this way, than very difficult to keep maintaining the top rated plus badge


Any help would be much appreciated in this.



Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Mohamed,

I will check this further with our team and once I have more details I will follow up here. Thank you.

~ Goran
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