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Translator on my Video Identity Verification


I am writing with regards to my upcoming verification. My English is poor and I am afraid I won’t be able to answer questions as fully as required.  So I hired a translator to help me handling it. I am familiar with ToS, so I made everything to prevent violating it. I have provided my own accurate and verifiable information with a clear photo of myself. Translator helps us screen out all the potential jobs on Upwork and then translate the job descriptions to me, so then I will decide whether we can do it or not.

If we are up for the jobs, then he will write a proposal in accordance to my ideas and use the Agency Account to submit the proposal on my behalf; he’s payed to do all of this work. 

And after receiving a reply from a client, I will give the translator any English messages the client sent and have him translate them into Azerbaijani for me. Then I will tell him what to reply in Azerbaijani and he then will translate that into English. He gives me the English text and I copy the text into the Message and send it to the client. The process will go back and forth. The account is controlled by me only and the translator is just responsible for translating the communications. We work at the same company and sometimes I ask him to sit next to me to help me with the translation or through other messaging apps we use in Ukraine. 

The profile's account name and password are controlled by me; no one else knows it. 

We are not trying to do any rule-violating activities, we just want to expand our business overseas through Upwork because we have heard that it has great potential for business development and it is the best platform out there.

So I really would like to pass this interview with my translator joining me. Please, let me know if it is possible.

Best regards,

Cuma Huseinov


Hi Cuma,


Yes, our team will need to communicate with you in English. However, the call is meant to verify your identity, not to test your English fluency. Rest assured, when you're asked to verify your identity, the team will assist you accordingly.




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