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Unable to Submit Contracts for my Agency Freelancers

I am on the plus plan and have an agency.  I'm trying to submit a contract on behalf of one of my exclusive freelancers.  However, on the proposal screen, the dropdown is disabled and stuck on my name.  How do I change this to submit on behalf of her?

Also, it's very frustrating to have to put this in a public forum when I am a paid user of the service - I should be able to submit a ticket.

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Hi Meredith

As an agency owner, you submit contracts on behalf of the agency.

And then you are responsible for payments, collaboration, messaging with client (your freelancer on the job will be able to see the messages) etc.

You must be logged in as your agency (top right corner of your screen: Toggle between your personal and your agency profile).

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Meredith,


One of our team members will reach out to you and assist further regarding this! Thank you for your patience!



~ Bojan

Thanks! I really appreciate it...I'd like to get the proposal today, thanks for your help!

Hello, I'm having the same problem submitting a proposal on behalf of my agency's new freelancers.


Please see the attached photo for reference; the drop down is only showing my name.


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Hi Justice, 

It doesn't look like the profiles of your team members have already been accepted which is why they are not listed when you try to submit proposals on their behalf. I'll go ahead and share these with the Customer Support Team so that you can be assisted further.

~ Avery
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