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Upwork Agency Account Details

Hello Upwork Community, I hope you are all well. I wanna start Agency Account. But I have faced some problems-


1. My first question is- For Agency member they have to Upwork account or not? If I add someone in my agency outside of Upwork. Is it possible?

2. Can I add any monthly payment system/ hourly rate for my agency member though Client pays a higher rate to the agency? Is it possible to see the project budget as the agency member worked with the contract?

3. If someone leaves agency then previous work history  & earning amount will show in his profile? 

4. I have some running contracts. Can I say to the client for starting their contract by the agency as I have no much time for managing all projects? 


Give me solutions in detail if possible.

Thanks in Advance. 

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Mohammad,


1. Yes, all of your team members will need to have an account so that you can invite them to join your agency.

2. Just to clarify, are you referring to if your team members will be able to see the rate on the contract? If yes, this will depend on the permission they have. To learn more about this check out this Help Article.

3. This will also depend on the status they weather it's an exclusive or non-exclusive member. To learn more about this, please refer to the guide I`ve linked above.
4. Yes, you can ask your clients to rehire you under your agency. This is not a violation and you won't have any problems. Thank you.

~ Goran
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