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Upwork Agency with the same name as an existing business?

Hi, I'm the marketing assistant for an established VA company in the Philippines. We do not have an Upwork Agency profile but it has come to our attention that someone with a similar business name is operating here. 


We haven't trademarked our name, and we understand that people are free to use it but we still want to protect our brand from anybody who is trying to use us to commit fraud, spam, etc. What can we do to make it clear that we are not associated with said Upwork VA Agency? 


Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ma Estiphanie Joy,


Please refer to this page and if this process applies to your situation, feel free to submit a request. If you'd like to report a profile for violating Upwork TOS, please use the flag as inappropriate option to notify the team.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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