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Upwork has degraded rating

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Jyoti A Member Since: Sep 29, 2018
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This message is from my agency Team member **Edited for community guidelines**. Could you please read and resolve it.

I worked hard, delivered a product for testing on client server, But client start talking rudely like I am some one's slave. I refunded all billing money in a minute when I felt like working with this kind of person is like feeling disrespect. Even after refunding and installing all work to the client server, the client had written negative feedback.

Here are Contact details that I am talking about:**Edited for community guidelines**

But I had written an apology to the client even after this kind of humiliation just for retaining my profile rating. And he had given 5 starts then. But today UpWork has degraded my profile score. Why?

Is there no space for freelancers. For every dispute only a freelancer is responsible. Is it like that?

I am really feeling very much disappointed.

If I worked hard and refunded only because of the behaviour of the client. Even Upwork has degraded my rating.

Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Jyoti,


We won't be able to discuss your agency member's account in the Community. Keep in mind that Job Success Scores reflect a wide range of factors such as public and private feedback, long-term contracts, repeat ones, a pattern of contracts without feedback, etc. Please advise them to check this help article for more information about the Job success score. 

~ Bojan