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Upwork refused registration of my new employee

I found an employee outside of Upwork for the position of business manager in my agency at Upwork, and for this she of course had to register here where she was refused, despite the fact that I had already sent her an invitation with all the rights and she accepted it.
Help me with solving this problem and please take into account the fact that she will not use Upwork for her own freelance purposes, but only to work as a business manager in my agency.
At the moment, I had to provide her with my password for my account so that she would not sit idly by without work, but as you understand this is not correct and inconvenient. (I perfectly understand all the risks, but I know this person personally and completely trust her).
She also tried to write in support herself from her account, but she cannot do this, since the item for selecting the problem category is not available for her.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Vasyl,


I`m sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, I can't share details for another user with you. Your friend can refer to the notifications and details they have received from our team. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,

Thanks for your answer, but Upwork did not provide her with any contacts to solve this problem at all.
And just as I mentioned above, she cannot write here on the forum on her own behalf, since there is no opportunity to choose the category of the problem.

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