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Want to register for an agency or business account

Hi, I'm an agency looking at registering for a  business or company account. The only link provided to me is for individual account. Where do i get the correct registration link for agencies or businesses from?

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Hi Borromee,


You can be a freelancer, agency, and client all in the same account. 


If you want to create an agency and sell the services of other workers, you’ll first need to create a freelancer account for the agency owner.


Once that account is activated:

  1. Go to Settings   My Teams
  2. Select the Create a new account button at the bottom
  3. Select the New Freelancer Agency Account option and fill out the form

After you create your agency, the Account Menu will be where you can switch between your personal and agency account views. A person can only “own” one agency Upwork. You won’t be able to make another one.


I hope this helps!



Mike J.
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