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Wanting some client support

Hi There, Im new to Upwork and want to understand how I can structure our organization correctly. The UX of Upwork is quite intricate, so I want to make sure we are doing this correctly. 

Is there someone (a representative) from upwork, who I can speak with directly? The bot is not understanding my requests and its getting frustrating. Some human support would be great.



Hi Nick,


Firstly, welcome to Upwork! A quick way to contact support is by clicking the "Get Support" button that shows at the bottom right corner of the Upwork Help page. You will be asked what type of account you need help with and to describe your issue or questions. Please select the best option for your situation. If you’d like to speak to an agent, you can request that via the chatbot. If you have some general questions about using Upwork or are looking for advice, feel free to post here in the Community.


~ Arjay

There are many resources available on upwork to know details on how to creae teh agency. You will also get details on best practices for agency creation. You can refer following link for the same. 

Create Agency 


Agency Profile 


However, You have not mentioned the problem you are facing. Alternatively, if you want help on Agency creation than you can either post on community or create ticket. If you do not want to put effort on that than raise a contract so that someone else do that for you. 

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