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What can you do with a Free agency account?

Hello everyone,

other than the possibility to upgrade to Plus, what else can you do with a standard free agency ?

It seems the only thing you can do is add info to the agency profile but unless you pay for a subscription and then buy the connects you cannot do anything else. 


Is there anything i'm missing ?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Eldinora,


If you are still on our Agency Basic plan, you can continue working any existing jobs. However, once you’re ready to submit proposals for new projects and you no longer have a Connects balance, you’ll need to upgrade to our Agency Plus plan in order to purchase Connects.


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Thank you Andrea,


good to know another useless feature exists outhere 🙂 If i was told "this is a paid service, you can't use this unless you pay now, are you sure?" when i clicked create an agency probably i wouldn't spend time in creating the agency profile at all. 

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