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What should be done when a client is asking for the refund of 1.5 years hourly contract?

Hello, We have been working with a client for more than 1.5 years on hourly job and have already billed more than 1200 hours. His Project managers were working with us and giving daily feedback as well asking for the updates. We have released the project 2 months back and did no billing afterwards, there were small bugs which client has asked us and we did that without any cost. Now I got a shocking surprise that client wants the refund of all the hours which we have worked till now because the product which we have developed is not good. My question is, what should be done here. This is very stressful and if client has already appointed project manager and were checking our work on weekly basis and releasing the payment, how come they can ask after 1.5 years of development. is it fair? we are one of the top rated agencies on Upwork but these kind of problems are giving lot of stress and business is suffering. Any suggestions here will be helpful. Thank You, Sunil
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Retired Team Member

Hi Sunil,


I`m sorry to hear about the bad experience you have with your client. 
I would like to confirm that clients can dispute hours only during the review period. They can also open a dispute up to 30 days after the last payment. 
To learn more about how you`re protected under our Hourly payment protection check out this Help Article. Thank you.

~ Goran

Thank You for the help. The last payment was done by client on Sep 15, 2019 and after that we didn't bill him. Thank you.

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