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When did you decided to open agency on Upwork?


I have been freelancing upwork for about 2 years now. 
And locally I have formed a small team and formed a registered business as well. 

Now I am planning to move into Upwork as an agency as well. 

So, I wanted to ask if you have any experience similar to this, you might help this newbie here!! ❤️

Thanks a lot❤️

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I was discussing this with some of the agency owner in the past. They shared their experience and strategy as entering 

as an individual freelancer to a company, and of course work to their top satisfaction. Than, little by little, as they know you better, you start looking if they need more people and more roles to fill- and once they have good communication you can offer them your agency services. 

This does not work 100% but may work with some clients.. It was enough for them to sufficient revenue.. Hope this helps.. 

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