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Why should I keep my agency account?

Please convince me of the benefits of having an agency account here on Upwork. Here's how I think it should work. 

  1. I propose a price to the client, and they accept.
  2. My partners and I work and track our hours at an hourly wage. Example: $100 per hour 
  3. Upwork tracks the hours using the desktop app, and every hour worked gets charged to the client regardless of who's working and tracking time. 

I believe that the only reason this is not the case is that it would be difficult to code, and I don't know why I have an agency account or how it's benefitting me. 



Hi Kyle,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. At the moment it is only possible for the client to hire one of the Agency Members on an Hourly Contract and only that freelancer would be able to log time on the contract.

You may be interested in this great article available in our Resouce Center: 


From Freelancer to Agency: Is it the Right Move for You?


If you have any further questions please let us know!

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