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Will my job success rate decrease, if I leave an agency?

Dear community,

I want to leave the agency I am currently in. I am wondering, will I lose my Job Rate Score, or will it decrease, if I leave the agency? 


Hi Edik,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I would like to clarify that when a freelancer is part of the agency, the agency JSS is displayed on their profile, when they are no longer part of the agency, their personal JSS will be displayed. Your JSS may change when you leave the agency.

Please know that the agency Job Success Score is calculated the same way as an individual freelancer’s JSS, but with one difference — instead of only one freelancer’s contract being considered, we look at all of an agency’s contracts, including those of both exclusive and non-exclusive agency contractors. This ensures that agencies and agency members have one consistent score. You can find more information in this help article


Feel free to also check this page to find more information about what can affect your JSS.

~ Nikola

I just wanted to know if i remove agency association from my personal profile then what will be the consequences? I mean my JSS will get affect of it or not and the reviews I got through Agency clients what will happen with them. They remain still on my profile or removed with the removal of agency?

Please guide.
Thank you

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