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a big drop in the SEO Jobs hiring rate....are you facing the same?

Hello Agencies and Freelancers 


We have noticed a big drop in the hiring rate in the last couple of months. We are a reputed SEO agency with all Top rated profiles and still, we are not getting the number of jobs that we have been getting earlier.


is it due to the business cycles (peak and trough) or is there any other reason behind it? Have you noticed any updates from Upwork or are we missing any new features on the Upwork? We have turned the availability bade on for all team members but still, there is no benefit that we were expecting. 


Are you also facing the same?


When Upwork was launched, they promised a better platform and agencies will be benefited but we haven't seen any benefit yet. I still feel the Elance Platform was much better where we used to get 4-5 new jobs pretty easily every month.

Upwork has made life tough for agencies. I feel like clients are not happy with the complexity of Upwork because a few clients have already complained the same with me.


Can you please share your thoughts on this?

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