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i want leave

Hello, I want to leave an agency, and it tells me this "
You have active job applications with the team. You need to revoke them first before you can leave the team" but I don't know how to leave that application, only the client asked a question and I answered him, but I don't want to work in that agency anymore.... so I want to leave but I can't , how do I exit the application first thanks for not giving me the option

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I understand you'd like to cancel the proposal and leave the agency, Juan. Could you please try leaving the agency again now that the proposal has been withdrawn? 

~ Valeria
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Hi Valeria, I have the same issue. I have withdrawn all of my proposals but still I see the message and can't leave the agency. Could you please help me on this issue.


Hi Md Nazmul,


Thank you for your message. I noticed that your Upwork account does not have any agency affiliation. Is this the same account that you used to post this request? 


- Pradeep

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Sounds to be like a real world agency for hire deal too! Been there - give me another 10%

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