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multiple agencies

Hello,Could you please clarify for me if it's possible to work for multiple agencies?
I am already an admin in 1 agency. Is it ok to be a manager or admin in another agency? If yes, how would I appear in the marketplace search, will I have a choice to set a default agency and is it possible to chose between 2 agencies when I accept a job offer?I also want to know about statistics and ratings. Which agency will be credited with the rating and feedback if I complete a job. Will my agency be credited with any rating if I complete a job as an independent user? Thank you! 

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Hello Anton,


Thank you for your questions. It is possible to be a member of multiple agencies as long as your are non-exclusive to all of them.


When you submit a job proposal, you will have the option to choose whether you are applying as a freelancer or as a member of one of your agencies. Any contract resulting from that proposal will be awarded depending on what you selected.


You do not have the ability to choose where a contract goes when you receive an offer. If an offer is sent to you directly without you submitting a proposal, then it will go to your agency if you are exclusive or your default team if you have one set. If you are not exclusive to an agency and have not set a default team, the contract will be awarded to your freelancer profile. You can set a default team here. Your default team is currently set to your agency.


Please check out this article for more information including how you appear in search results depending on the exclusivity and default team.


Let me know if you have questions.


Thank you,


Mike J.
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