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need to handle 2 accounts in PC


I'm running an agency, I want to add my teammate and make a profile for that


Can I bid from both profiles at one PC ?

Please suggest further



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Retired Team Member

Hi Sagar,


Please keep in mind that logging in to another user account is a serious violation of our TOS. Each user needs to log in on their own account.
As an agency owner, you will have the option to send proposals for your team members as well. To learn more about managing an agency, check out our guides here. Thank you.

~ Goran

Yes, I understood that one can't login to other accounts.

but My concern that both profiles are from my agency and have an only pc so can I bid and respond to both profiles at my only PC?



Hi Sagar,


Will the two other team members also be using the same computer you're using? 

Also, to address one detail you mentioned in the initial message, your team member will need to create their own account, with which you can help them but shouldn't have access to their account or access the account. You might be already aware about this but to clarify just in case, as an agency manager, you can select your team members' agency contractor profiles when submitting proposals from your Agency account and do not need to access their accounts directly.

Finally, as Goran mentioned, if multiple Upwork users are using the same device, they need to make sure they log out from their account before a different user logs in. We do have systems in place to detect any suspicious behavior on our platform, in which case our team does reach out to account owners flagged by the system for clarification.

~ Vladimir
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no one account continue. this account i continew always


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