Yes—agencies like yours can find plenty of big-budget, high-profile projects on Upwork. The key is to use your profile to showcase your experience and capabilities, then seek out and bid on those big projects.


Capitalize on the Agency Shift

Enterprise organizations are increasingly looking beyond big, traditional agencies-of-record (AOR) for new, more efficient ways to get more done. They’re shifting projects to nimble, flexible partners—and for many, they’re finding these agencies on global networks like Upwork. Agencies like yours are in demand, which means there’s a healthy supply of big projects that are yours for the taking.

Seven Summits, a Bay-area based video production agency on Upwork, notes that “the exciting prospect for us on Upwork is the access to larger, enterprise clients. These are big-budget, large-scale jobs we’ve been trying to get for awhile now.” The value is two-fold. Notes co-founder Kyle Garrett, “This allows us to scale back the amount of work we’re doing and scale up the quality of work we’re doing. Bigger clients mean bigger budgets, and bigger production value,” which he adds make great portfolio pieces.


So, there are big projects out there looking for you—is your agency positioned to grab their attention?


Once you’ve started an agency on Upwork, you want to make sure you’ve put time into crafting a really impressive agency profile. That means filling out all the most important fields, including your best portfolio pieces, and maybe even creating a short video introduction that tells a bit more about who you are. Seven Summits’ co-founder Amber Crosby advises, “The more specific and personalized your profile, the better your chances of finding clients who are the right fit.”

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Position your agency as the ideal solution for clients by highlighting the standout projects in your portfolio. These can showcase both the breadth of your capabilities and the niche expertise that demonstrate how you’re equipped to take on big projects. Crosby also suggests, “The more you can proactively put out there what you want to do in the form of samples specific to your expertise and goals, the more invites you’ll receive that will be a good fit from the start.”

Upwork’s updated agency profiles are designed to help you tell your story, showcase your brand, and dive into the specifics that many clients want to know. Get more pointers to creating a great agency profile here.

Seek Out Your Ideal Clients & Projects

As an agency, you probably want those clients and projects that let you really flex your muscles.

For Seven Summits, those are the full-scale video production jobs that let them own a project from start to finish. Crosby says, “Typically when we’re submitting a proposal, we’re looking for projects on the bigger side, something really cool and fun that helps us level-up. We look for clients who want the whole package, which usually results in a better end product.”

If you’re a design agency, for example, you might zero in on larger-scope projects like rebrands, identity package creation, multi-channel campaigns, or branded videos. One agency on Upwork landed a multi-stage, 6-figure budget brand strategy project from a medium-sized furniture company. The agency was tapped to do it all, from photography and logo systems to a new website, catalog, and printed materials. These types of projects are a great fit for an agency that can give clients a single point of contact, multiple disciplines under one roof, and a seamless process that can manage lots of moving parts.


If you’re a development agency, consider looking for projects such as proprietary software development, from-scratch platform builds, and idea-to-MVP projects.

Crosby reviews client profiles to get a sense for their typical budgets and project. “We look at the company requesting the proposal, check out their stats, see they’ve paid $XX and how many videos they’ve produced. This shows us if they’re paying within our price bracket, and gives us an indication if they’re using budgets that are in-line with ours.”

Check out this guide to updating your Upwork agency profile, and learn how to scale up your own roster of talent so you’re ready to meet the new demands of the big projects that will come your way!